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Hi! I’m Phoebe — or ‘feeB’.

I am a Fashion Designer and Fabricator, and a recent graduate from Norwich University of the Arts, UK.  My work is suspended in the crossover of fashion an art because I never stop experimenting with textiles, especially mixing different textures with an abundance of colour to create unusual contrasts. 

The driving force behind my work is currently and indefinitely sustainability; to make it inherent in all that we do. Growing up by the sea, in my home village of West Wittering, the beach is home to me and over the years I have witnessed first-hand the worsening effect that plastic has on our oceans and shorelines.  When I realised that fashion was my calling but that it is also one of the major polluters of this world it was, in the words of environmentalist Al Gore, an ‘Inconvenient Truth’ and I felt ashamed to be entering the industry.


The damage we are causing to our natural world terrifies me but it is the challenge to re-design the fashion industry and make it a more circular system that inspires me daily.  Even during the three years I have been undertaking my degree, the positive change in mindset towards sustainability in all aspects of life, but specifically within the fashion theatre has been massive. I am just so lucky that I can use the exciting medium of design speak out about environmental issues, which I am equally as passionate about, whether through the materials I use, the method of construction, or message and story behind my work.

I also think there is a sort of playful humour to my designs as I always try to find unusual ways of using materials to show how sustainability can be interesting and engaging. From using recycled armbands and rubber rings to make an inflatable suit, to creating my own brightly coloured vegan bio-plastic I try to translate a sense of fun, positivity and bold optimism to my menswear designs. 

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